Convent of Jesus and Mary Language College
An Outstanding Catholic School




Our Safeguarding Officers are:


Mrs McGowan, Headmistress - Safeguarding Lead

       Mr Haran, Deputy Headteacher - Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Dr Bonelli, Deputy Headteacher - Safeguarding Consultant

  Mrs Peppiatt, Deputy Headteacher - Designated Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Ms Paisley, Deputy Headteacher - Designated Deputy Safeguarding Lead

  Ms Bornman, Associate Deputy Headteacher - Safeguarding Officer
Mr Doel, Assistant Headteacher - Safeguarding Officer

  Ms Sylvester Charles, Lay Chaplain - Safeguarding Officer
Ms Smith, PSM - Safeguarding Officer

  Mr Adjalo, PSM - Safeguarding Officer
Ms Browne, PSM - Safeguarding Officer

  Ms Harrington, PSM - Safeguarding Officer
Ms Bahra, PSM - Safeguarding Officer    




We ensure that Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility at CJM. Our first priority is that all students are safe and happy in our school. If a student does not not feel safe or is worried about someone else, they are strongly encouraged to speak to an adult who they trust.


If you wish to report a safeguarding concern involving a student at our school please telephone the school office during school hours on 02089652986 or email the school office on




  • On arrival, please sign in at reception on the INVENTRY system and ensure you sign out when leaving the site.

  • All visitors should wear their visitor’s badge at all times whilst on the school premises.

  • Vehicles are parked on the school site at the owner’s risk. They must be in a designated bay.

  • Please take care of valuables. The school cannot be held responsible for any personal effects.

  • The school operates a No Smoking policy.

  • We expect that appropriate behaviour and language should be maintained at all times on the school premises and will not tolerate any form of violence at any time.

Should you hear or see something that gives you cause for concern regarding the safety of a student, please report it immediately and before leaving the site to one of the above named people. You can leave any written concerns in a sealed envelope at reception addressed to the safeguarding team.

In the event of a fire/emergency please follow the evacuation procedures displayed around the school, any instructions which are given and assemble on the MUGA.


 Click link to see the latest Keeping Children Safe in Education document

 Links to our Safeguarding policy and Online Safety policy can be found on our Policies page