Convent of Jesus and Mary Language College
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Department Member:

Miss V Anastasiou - Dance Teacher


Ballet for Y7/8 and 9

Hip-Hop for Y7 and 8 – run by an external Dance teacher who is a professional dancer

Dance Showcase rehearsals – performance in February 2020

London Borough of Culture Committee – to support and develop CJM’s very first Arts Festival in July 2020


The Dance department is a stimulating and creative part of the school. Through the dance lessons, students develop their creativity, communication, team-work and problem solving skills as well as building up their confidence and self-esteem to excel in their future lives.

There is a range of dance styles which are taught in the dance curriculum lessons as well as in the dance clubs from contemporary dance to hip-hop. Extra-curricular activities take place after school and includes Y7/8/9 Ballet and Y7/8 Hip-Hop.


Year 7 and 8 curriculum dance lessons

Students explore a range of dance styles in Y7 and 8 such as contemporary, ballet and hip-hop.

In dance lessons, there are 3 components: Performance, Choreography and Appreciation of their own and professional dance works.

Practical work (Performance and Choreography): This element offers students the opportunity to develop their physical, creative and technical skills. 

Written work (Appreciation): This element offers students the opportunity to research dance professional works and dance artists, developing their literacy skills. Students are also required to evaluate their own work and progress through written tasks and classroom discussions.



Year 9 Performing Arts Tech Award (Dance Pathway)  Level 1/ 2

Students complete 3 core components which aim to strengthen their skills, knowledge and performance discipline.

Practical work – this vocational course offers students that chance to develop a wide range of practical skills through workshops, development of practitioner knowledge and assessment performances

Written work – students document their progress for assessment by gathering evidence throughout each component and developing their knowledge of the performing arts through research, evaluation and analysis tasks.



Year 12 and Year 13 BTEC in Performing Arts- Extended Certificate

Students who undertake this course, they are taught both drama and dance. In the dance lessons, the develop their physical, choreographic and appreciation skills. Further, they explore dance practitioners, their work and contribution in the history of dance. In addition, students have also the opportunity to understand the concepts and skills needed to enter the performing arts industry.


Year 12 Enrichment - Arts Award Qualification (Dance Pathway)

The Arts Council offers the opportunity for students across the Sixth Form to be part of the organisation, development and delivery of an Arts Festival at CJM in 2020. Students complete a variety of both research, portfolio and practical tasks to gain this qualification.