Convent of Jesus and Mary Language College
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Welcome to the Inclusion Department


The Inclusion Department at CJM is an integral part of the support system available to our students. The support offered by the Inclusion Mentors and Behaviour Supporters seeks to address and aid students in removing barriers to learning. Mentors and Behaviour Supporters deliver their provision thorough one to one and group mentoring, or behaviour support sessions. The programmes aim to empower students by raising levels of self-esteem and self-awareness in order to prepare them for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences in both school and in their adult life.


Aims and Objectives:


  • To identify and work towards removing barriers to learning.
  • To enable students to recognise and aim to achieve their full potential.
  • To allow students a space to share and open up with a trusted member of staff
  • To support the aims and objectives of the School Improvement Plan.
  • To set appropriate and achievable targets for individuals.
  • To work closely with staff to ensure the specific needs of each student are met.  
  • To enable students to acquire the social, emotional and academic skills necessary to achieve at school and in life.




The Department is made up of:

  • Mr W Moscatelli - (Inclusion Manager): Behaviour Supporter and 1-1 Mentor

  • Mrs S Ziff - (Assistant Inclusion Manager and Pastoral Support Officer): Behaviour Supporter and 1-1 Mentor

  • Ms A Iacovou - Behaviour Supporter and 1-1 Mentor



Overview of the support at CJMLC



  • Mentoring Sessions are 1 hour sessions weekly or every 2 weeks for either one half term or one full term dependent on need.  The aim of the session is to support and coach individual students with their holistic wellbeing.


Behaviour Support:

  • The Behaviour Support Programme is a full term support which is personalised and specific for each student. During weekly Behaviour Support Sessions, targets are created and evaluated to support the student’s behaviour and her academic progress. These targets are monitored during observations within a wide range of the student’s lessons. These supportive targets and individualised strategies are agreed with the student and shared with all those who play an integral role in her development: Parents/Carers; Head of Year; Pastoral Support Manager; Form Tutor and Teachers.