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Welcome to the Music Department

Department Members:


Mr J Simon


The Convent of Jesus and Mary Language College Music department is extremely active in all areas of the subject. From practical elements including ensembles to written forms such as composing and history and analysis, Music is alive and thriving at the Convent.

Students are encouraged to start learning an instrument during KS3 and the Convent encourages this further with a heavily subsidised programme to allow every student the opportunity. Through private instrumental lessons, students are further encouraged to join one of the many ensembles offered at the convent. The school choir has grown dramatically over the last few years and have performed at a number of high profile events across the school.  Last year the choir represented the school at Wembley Arena for the ‘Voice in a Million’ event. Previously the whole of Year 7 worked alongside the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra on a creative project which allowed each class to develop their own piece of music which they then performed with part of the orchestra. 25 students were then selected to represent the school, performing alongside schools from Brent with the whole of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Brent Civic Centre.

Across the school students are incredibly active in music and continually cultivate opportunities for performance. Girls are encouraged to actively participate in the singing and playing of Liturgical Music to support our beautiful celebrations of Mass each week.

Music is a dynamic subject and provides students with another outlet for expression. It is an extremely accessible subject and students are encouraged to contribute to school life through this subject.



Key Stage 3


Year 7 – 1 Lesson per week.

Year 8 – 1 Lesson per week

Key stage 3 curriculum is designed to provide to the students a broad knowledge of all the different aspects of Music: composing, performing and appraising. Students are encouraged to actively develop their skills and express their creativity through different styles, instruments and activities. Performance work is regularly shared and evaluated.

Key Stage 4



Music is a popular choice at GCSE and our students benefit from the supportive and well equipped environment that the school provide. The current specification running in GCSE Music is the OCR Specification.

Year 9 - 1 double and 1 single lesson a week

Year 10 and 11 – Extracurricular, taught at lunch time and after school, with revision sessions during the lunch periods.


Extracurricular Clubs include: Drumming Club (Wednesday Lunchtime), Guitar Club (Tuesday Lunchtime), Steel Drum (Friday lunch time), Gospel Choir (Friday after school).


Instrumental lessons:

Students are offered a range of subsidised instrumental lessons with external teachers in a variety of different instruments. These students work towards examination grades in their chosen instruments. On offer: Singing, Piano, Violin, Guitar, Bass guitar, Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone, Cello, Trumpet, Drums.