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Welcome to the Psychology Department 


If students would like to understand both themselves and others better, psychology is the subject for them. In fact, Psychology has close links with science subjects and uses empirical research to make inferences and draw conclusions about the reasons behind aspects of human behaviour. This research is on-going – what we know about human behaviour is constantly being evaluated and challenged so there are no simple answers or facts in Psychology.


Students will develop a broad knowledge and understanding of psychology through a range of topics. It is not an easy option and involves a great deal of reading difficult texts and producing evaluative written work. Students must be prepared to deal with unfamiliar language and complex ideas and theories. We expect pupils to make a real contribution in lessons, asking and answering questions and participating in class discussion. There is a great deal to learn during two years of studying advanced level psychology. Students also need to be able to evaluate theories and research. Essays make up a large part of the advanced level exam and we focus on developing skills in extended writing and effective evaluation.


At advanced Level there are three exams, each accounting for one third of the A-Level. Each exam lasts for 2 hours and is worth 96 marks each. The exams will consist of multiple-choice, short answer and extended writing questions.

Paper1 – Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology and

Psychopathology Paper2 – Approaches in Psychology, Biological Psychology, Research Method in Psychology and Issues and debates Paper3 - Students will also be expected to apply psychological knowledge to various topic areas which we will choose as a class for Paper 3.


Progression opportunities

Studying psychology at university can give a whole host of exciting career options, including:

• Marketing • Business development • Accountancy • Human resources • Forensic psychology • Occupational therapy  • Clinical psychology • Psychology  • Nursing • Teaching.


Speakers, Trips, Conferences or Other Educational Opportunities

Psychology is very much an applied discipline and as such it is all around us. Students are

encouraged to investigate psychological issues in a range of media including the internet and

traditional broadcast media such as TV and Radio. We attend conferences that we think will help the students in a very direct way with their studies or alternatively stimulate their interest in wider social science and psychological issues.


Course Entry Requirements

5 GCSE grades at A*-C including minimum grades Mathematics 6, English Language 5 and a

Science 5.


For further information see Mrs Mahajani