Convent of Jesus and Mary Language College
An Outstanding Catholic School


Student Voice

The Student Voice is incredibly important at the Sixth Form and as such, throughout the year, students have been given an opportunity to voice ideas and we have certainly tried to accommodate where possible.


Improving the Sixth Form (EBI)

  • Students would just like to wear black and white but with greater flexibility.
  • Not too concerned with wearing own clothes. Flexibility would encourage younger years.
  • Be allowed to have nose piercings as they are older.
  • Refectory - too expensive. Can buy coke etc from shop much cheaper. Would like to be able to bring in food from outside.
  • Trips - more subject trips/conferences in both lower school and in sixth form.
  • Headphones/mobiles - students like to study and listen to music so would like to wear earphones. Mobiles to be brought in for safety only and as they are 16 that they are treated more maturely.
  • ID cards - girls not to be sent home if late. Also that badges should be made from plastic and look more professional/in line with other colleges. This would also allow them to prove they are students when in shops.


Positives (WWW)

  • Well supported and know teachers
  • Friendly environment
  • Good opportunities e.g university visits, Lourdes, enrichment, Prefects
  • Not like lower school –more relaxed than realised
  • Study room –quiet but sometimes too busy
  • Yr 12’s felt they had settled in well and were enjoying being in Sixth Form
  • In response to the need to work in groups there are now two exclusive study rooms.


In response we have:

  • Reviewed the uniform code and there is more flexibility 
  • Head phones can be worn in the study room
  • All departments have been asked to itemise the trips visits and contacts that they have to enrich their subject area.
  • We have reviewed the ID card and have included everything required for the student discount. It appears some shops are very selective!