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Welcome to the History Department

The History department strives to promote, foster and encourage students to see that the past shapes the world we live in today, and it is intimately connected to our lives. History is a great vehicle to develop critical thinking, literacy and communication skills. The department aims to provide an enriching, positive and rewarding experience for all pupils and ensure that they achieve their full potential. We are committed to teaching History that reflects the diversity of our community and the country.   


Department Staff:

Ms S. Aninakwa (Curriculum Leader)
Ms N. Michael
Ms C. McCombe


Overview of History at the Convent

Key Stage 3 (Year 7-8) 

Year 7

  • The Norman Conquest
  • Queen Matilda
  • Medieval Islamic Science
  • The Reformation
  • Medieval African Kingdoms
  • The English Civil War
  • The French Revolution


Year 8 

  • The First World War 
  • The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and Slavery
  • The Match Women Strike, 1888
  • Welfare and the establishment of the NHS
  • Interpretations of the British Empire
  • The activism of Claudia Jones


Key Stage 4 (Year 9-11) 

Year 9 

  • The campaign for votes for Women
  • The Grunwick Dispute, 1976
  • Facing History: The Holocaust and Human Behaviour
  • America:  1920-73: Opportunity and Inequality

Year 10

  • America:  1920-73: Opportunity and Inequality
  • Conflict and tension between East and West, 1945-1972
  • Elizabethan England, c1568–1603

Year 11

  • Elizabethan England, c1568–1603
  • Migration, Empire and People, c.790- Present day


A Level History


Year 12

  • America c.1917-1992: In search of the American Dream
  • South Africa, 1948–94: from apartheid state to ‘rainbow nation’


Year 13

  • Ireland and the Union, c1774–1923
  • Independent coursework research project