Convent of Jesus and Mary Language College
An Outstanding Catholic School


Prayer and Liturgy

Our school life is rooted in the love of God, which we express in our prayer and worship together each day.


Prayer is an essential part of the life of our school.  We pray together at the beginning and end of the day, in form times and assemblies, at the start of lessons and before big events like exams or performances.

Everyone in our school community is invited to participate in our prayer and liturgy as much as they are able to. Students especially participate in leading music, reading and serving at the altar. With the formation of our Student Liturgy group in September 2014, students will begin to take on more responsibility for planning our Masses and Liturgies too.

The celebration of Mass is the highlight of all our school celebrations. We begin our school year together with Mass in September. During the year, Mass is celebrated weekly, with year groups taking it in turn to attend and participate in the liturgy. As part of our 125 celebrations, Archbishop Vincent Nichols (now Cardinal) celebrated our Founders’ Day Mass in October 2014. During the academic year, we celebrate school events such as the presentation of Bibles to Year 7s (Year 7 Bible Mass, September) and the transition from Year 11 to 6th Form (Year 11 Transition Mass, June).

During Lent, a number of opportunities for the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) are offered, with priests from local Catholic parishes present in school.

Assemblies are held twice a week for students in Years 7 – 11, and once a week for Years 12 and 13. We see every assembly as an act of worship and our assembly programme is based on the liturgical year.

We have a special affection for St. Claudine who founded the Religious of Jesus and Mary, and often ask her to pray for us using our school prayer.


Dear Claudine

From the beginning of your work for young people you wanted them to learn how to serve one another unselfishly, and to forgive.

We are your people of today.

Teach us, as you taught your first pupils,
to go beyond likes and dislikes,
and to care especially for those who need most love.

May we be open to Jesus,
and listen to his invitation in our hearts,
in times of silence and prayer.

Show us how to let Mary have her place in our lives, trusting her for everything.

Praised forever be Jesus and Mary.





PRAYER AND LITURGY 125 Mass begins

PRAYER AND LITURGY 125 Mass Congregation



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