Convent of Jesus and Mary Language College
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CJMLC Sixth Form External Application 2019/2020

To join our Sixth Form College, please complete the form below:


1. Personal details


2. Education and qualifications


Please list any qualifications you have, or expect to get, before you start in the Sixth Form

Estimated grade (Form tutor's estimates)

3. Which courses would you like to apply for?

Please put the subjects and course-AS/BTEC

Level (AS or BTEC)

4. Special interests/hobbies


5. Why are you applying for the CJMLC Sixth Form?


6. Further information


Copy of Baptism and Priest’s reference must be provided


Please note:

We will require an academic reference and a Priest’s reference.

We will contact you further once we have received and processed your application form.


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