Convent of Jesus and Mary Language College
An Outstanding Catholic School






Comments made by year 7 parents

I feel like my child is safe and very well-taught in this school.”

My daughter is feeling very happy and confident in this school.”

We as parents are so proud with her progress with this school. Thank you to all CJM teachers and assistants/staff.”


"As soon as we saw the school and spoke to the girls and teachers, we knew the Convent was the right place for our daughter"



 Comments from Year 8 parents


“ The school is exceptional. I must say that my daughter is doing well thanks to the teachers who are doing a great job.”


“ The teachers are kind, thoughtful and helpful. Support is good and the level of teaching is amazing.”






 - Comments by Parents of Year 9 Girls.


"Extremely happy with my daughter’s progress and the teaching. Lovely teachers. Thank you."


"I am proud that my daughter is studying in this prestigious school. I am sure that she will be nurtured and cared for to become a good human being and a sincere citizen."


"Keep up the fantastic work all staff."


"I am really happy and proud that my daughter is a student of this school."


"My daughter is new in this school. I am happy about her settling in and her progress. We will work on what she has missed at the beginning by using Fronter."


"My child feels safe and good progress is made in this school."


"I am happy with the school and the teachers. Thank you."





"The Year 9 and 10 girls were very genuinely interested in the career paths available to them and asked some excellent questions"

Employer at Careers Fair


"Our students would never have participated like that…"

Visiting headteacher (from Ireland) to CJM’s 125th celebration


"Intelligent, curious and charming…I wish every audience was like this"

Leo Johnson (Boris’s brother) after his Speakers For Schools talk to Year 11 students



“Why would I want to go anywhere else?”

Year 11 student in making the decision to stay at CJM for the sixth form



"Dear Ms. Di Lullo and Ms. Khawam,

I am writing this letter as a way of thanking you both for being excellent teachers during my A levels, something which has benefitted me greatly now that I am at university.

I am currently in the process of finishing my first year and so far I have done much better than I originally anticipated in the coursework required for the English Literature part of my joint honours degree. My personal tutor believes that I am on track to ending the year with good grades and I firmly believe that I have the both of you to thank for that.

It is often said that the first year is ‘easy’ and is simply about getting at least 40% in order to scrape a pass, but if I learnt anything from my time at the Convent, it is that one should always aim higher.

Your current students are incredibly lucky and I hope you both remember during stressful moments that you are the best teachers anyone could have."

Esperanca Pereira - Former Sixth Form student.




"Dear Isabelli,

Well! What an imagination you have!

I thoroughly enjoyed your story, which is a kind of mix of Charles Dickens and Lemony Snicket. I was very surprised to read such an accomplished and assured piece from someone so young. The trials of the Trottingtons and poor Violet and George were quite startling. I was immediately plunged into the 1800s, with its wealth, squalor, colour and unfairness.

I also enjoyed the way you played with the first person and the third; suddenly we realise Violet, the heroine, is actually the narrator. That’s a very modern twist in what is otherwise a very stylised tale.

You chose deliberately old-fashioned language to write a Victorian story. It’s really hard to get this right all the time, and sometimes it doesn’t quite succeed. I thought the ending was a little abrupt too. But overall, the creativity and pace you display makes up for that. Also, remember the golden rule of ‘showing not telling’ as much as possible. The more action the better; fortunately this story has plenty of it!

Please carry on writing; keep experimenting with stories and characters and language until you find your ‘voice.’ Play with it, enjoy it.  And then you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

I hope this helps, and thank you once again for letting me into your world."

A letter to a CJM student from Nigel Smith – writer.